Strauss Naturals Heartdrops - Herbal Heart Support Supplement with European Mistletoe, Aged Garlic Extract 225 ml, Original Flavour, Soy Free



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Strauss heart drops ingredients Strauss heart drops are crafted from carefully selected herbs that, through generations of experience and hundreds of years of historical herbal usage, have been considered beneficial for the circulatory system and overall vitality. Garlic - historically used to lower LDL cholesterol levels, the properties within garlic have the ability to stimulate cell growth and activity. It is a health building and disease preventative herb and also helps to dissolve cholesterol in the bloodstream. Garlic has been shown to open up the blood vessel and reduce blood pressure in hypersensitive patients and inhibit platelet aggregation. Hawthorn - used regularly, hawthorn is known to help strengthen the heart muscle and improve overall cardiovascular function. It has been used in preventing arteriosclerosis and in helping conditions such as rapid and feeble heart action, heart valve defects, enlarged heart, angina pectoris and difficult breathing owing to ineffective heart action and lack of oxygen in the blood. Cayenne - traditionally used for warding off diseases and Equalizing blood circulation. Cayenne increases heart action but not blood pressure. Bilberry - improves circulation and feeds the capillaries by altering the ability of fluids and nourishment to pass through. Bilberry's unique properties help to strengthen the coronary arteries and improve varicose veins, as well as assist in the reduction of atherosclerosis, and reduce the likeliness of blood clots through its Thinning ability. Motherwort - helps to strengthen the heartbeat without increasing heart rate and relaxes the coronary arteries, resulting in increases circulation to the heart. White willow bark (in trace amounts) - natural blood thinner.

  • HEART SUPPORT–Strauss Heartdrops is a 300-year-old HERBAL TRADITION, designed to provide CARDIOVASCULAR support. Strauss Heartdrops is a great supplement for ADULTS looking to support CARDIOVASCULAR health.
  • EFFECTIVE FORMULA– Strauss Heartdrops is a product with thousands of satisfied customers. Take Strauss Heartdrops and track improvement to cardiovascular health using a heart rate monitor or blood pressure cuff.
  • NATURALLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS – NON-GMO, herbs are traditionally grown or wild-crafted in the native habitat. Ingredients include European mistletoe leaf, hawthorn fruit, hawthorn leaf & flower, motherwort herb top, cayenne fruit, aged garlic bulb, bilberry leaf, white willow bark.
  • GENERATIONS OF DEVELOPMENT – Strauss Heartdrops have provided cardiovascular support for decades. The result of eight generations of development, experience, and production of natural, herbal supplements.
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