Sisu Teens Multi, 90 Chewable Tablets - Multivitamin for Teens - Health & Stress Support - Gluten & Dairy Free - 45-90 Servings


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A full range of vitamins and minerals to help bridge nutritional gaps in teens.

  • Formulated for Teens; This specially formulated multivitamin for teens is designed to meet the unique vitamin, mineral, and nutrient needs of children and teenagers during their growing years to help them reach their full potential
  • Full Range Multivitamin; Teens Multi is a specially created multivitamin for teens with the full range of vitamins and minerals needed to help bridge nutritional gaps and prevent various health concerns
  • Healthier Brain & Body; Enhanced with B vitamins and trace minerals to support the body’s own restorative powers
  • Better Skin Health; B vitamins, pro-vitamin A and zinc support better skin health
  • Advanced Immune Support; Contains Ester-C, which supports immune health and is less acidic and has superior digestibility, bioavailability, and retention than other forms of vitamin C