PURICA Pet - Recovery Extra Strength, 360 Delicious flavoured chewables - Whole Body Health for Pets


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Just like other members of your household, your pet may suffer from painful conditions due to injury, genetic predisposition, or as the result of aging. You can help to improve your pet?s quality of life. Ask a veterinarian for PURICA Pet Recovery. Playfulness prevails when a pet is limber, happy and free from discomfort. Supplementing Pet Recovery brings pain-free living. By supplementing Pet Recovery you can safely and effectively prevent and halt many lameness-associated conditions and improve healing.

  • Strengthens bones, muscles and connective tissues.
  • Helps prevent injury, reduces pain, inflammation and spasms.
  • Increases endurance and flexibility.
  • Excellent for athletic dogs / Improves canine endurance.
  • Made in Canada.