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Vitex (Chasteberry) is an excellent hormonal tonic for women. Extensive clinical studies as well as over two thousand years of use have proven the effectiveness of this remedy.1 It works by stimulating and normalizing the pituitary gland, which regulates the balance of hormones, including estrogen and progesterone in the body. In a normal menstrual cycle, estrogen is higher before ovulation and progesterone is higher after. An imbalance of these hormones, as well as other hormones including prolactin and serotonin, can lead to a range of symptoms associated with PMS. Prior to menstruation, many women find themselves irritable, depressed, and bloated. About 30-40% of women report experiencing problematic PMS symptoms, with 5-10% having very severe symptoms.1 It is thought that the typical symptoms of PMS occur because of high prolactin levels and an insufficient production of progesterone in the two weeks prior to menstruation.1,2 A number of studies have shown that Chasteberry has the ability to lower prolactin concentrations as well as to restore the estrogen-progesterone balance, which can offer significant relief from many symptoms of PMS.

  • Female infertility.
  • PMS symptoms.
  • Breast tenderness.
  • Cramps.
  • Hormonal Acne.