Immu-FLO All in One - Skin Health + Immune & Allergy Support for Adult and Senior Dogs - with Immunity PIN Concept Technology (Precision Intestinal Nutrition)



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Canadian Veterinary Health Product recommended by Animal Nutrition Professionals. High bioavailability and digestibility: Multivitamins, Prebiotics, Postbiotics, Beta-Glucans and Essential Trace Minerals at the highest concentrations delivered directly in the intestines, where all of the magic happens. Better Delivery Means Greater Benefits In animals such as your dogs, the nutrients have to go through an acid vat (that can reach a pH as low a 1!) , and as such, a lot of these nutrients don't make it intact at the other end as they become less bioavailable. Hence, we have integrated the Immunity PIN Concept platform as a unique way of getting them exactly where we need them: in your pet friend's intestines! Our flagship free flowing protected pearls supplements for dogs are precision engineered to provide the nutrients, prebiotics, postbiotics, vitamins and essential trace minerals directly at the gut level.

  • NATURALLY FISH FLAVORED FREE FLOWING PEARLS. Our 180 gr formats packs 90 X 1/2 teaspoon servings. Serves medium size dogs for 45 days and large dogs for 30 days.
  • MADE IN CANADA WITH IMMUNITY PIN CONCEPT TECHNOLOGY. ✔️ Manufactured in a GMP, FAMIQS, HACCP certified plant in Canada. PIN stands for Precision Intestinal Nutrition, delivering nutrients where and when it matters directly in your best friend's gut!
  • PROTECTED POSTBIOTICS. Postbiotics are produced by probiotics and functional compounds generated in a matrix during fermentation, which may be used to promote health.
  • PROTECTED PREBIOTICS AND BETA-GLUCANS. Obesity may correlate to a decrease in immune function, as such, compounds like beta-glucans that may ally metabolic, physiological and immunological benefits, present great potential.
  • PROTECTED ANTIOXIDANTS + SELENIUM. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits delivered where it matters.