Enzymedica - Digest, Complete Digestive Enzyme Formula, 90 Capsules


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Enzymedica Digest provides enzymes essential for digestion. Digest supports healthy digestion for all major food groups throughout the digestive system. Enzymes are a delicate lifelike substance found in all living cells. Enzymes are biologically active proteins necessary for all living organisms. Metabolic enzymes catalyze and regulate every biochemical reaction that occurs within the human body, making them essential to cellular function and overall health. Digestive enzymes turn the food we eat into energy and maximize this potential energy for use in the body. Our bodies naturally produce both digestive and metabolic enzymes as they are needed. Digest is designed for individuals who want to fully benefit from the nutrients in the foods they consume, decrease the amount of energy the body utilizes for digestion, and support the functions of the body with a high quality digestive enzyme blend. Its small size is ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing. Known Adverse Reactions Headaches, heartburn, bloating and hypersensitivity (allergy) have been known to occur, in which case, discontinue use.

  • Enhanced support formula for optimal digestion of carbs, fat, fiber and protein
  • Helps body absorb nutrients and convert food to energy
  • Certified Non GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Gluten Free
  • Exclusive Thera-blend process works on a range of pH levels
  • Quality you expect from the digestion experts at Enzymedica