DoMatcha - Organic Ceremonial Green Tea Matcha Powder - Authentic Matcha Tea from Japan


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The D?Matcha Ceremonial grade of Matcha is harvested in the spring at the first flush; only the brand new top leaves are chosen. These leaves render a very smooth but strong flavor, considered to be one of the top grades of Matcha. As a result, it commands a higher value in the marketplace.

  • 100-Percent Authentic Japanese Matcha Grown, harvested and processed using traditional methods
  • Compared to regular steeped green tea, one cup of Matcha is 10 times more potent
  • Only the top youngest and finest leaves are handpicked in the spring for DoMatcha's ceremonial grade matcha
  • Energizing and calming all in one cup
  • Scores 1384 on the ORAC test Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity