CanPrev Pro-Biotik 15B 60 V-Caps I Helps Restore Natural Gut Flora



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Did you know that 70 to 80 percent of your immunity resides within your gut? The idea of ingesting live to keep you healthy might seem a bit hard to swallow, but studies show that probiotics can help resolve the uncomfortable effects of bowel and intestinal upset and keep our gastrointestinal tract healthy. Approximately 100 trillion microorganisms made up of more than 500 species already live in a normal, healthy colon. Probiotics are live microorganisms, that work by colonizing the small and large intestines and inhibit the growth and activity of harmful organisms. They have been found to stimulate the immune system and enhance the absorption of certain nutrients. CanPrev?s Pro-Biotik 15B is a shelf-stable probiotic capsule formula containing five critical probiotic species naturally found in the human intestinal tract, including lactobacilli. Each species is represented at optimal levels to enhance the natural gut flora and provide a health benefit. Pro-Biotik 15B is completely shelf stable for ease of use anytime, anywhere ? no refrigeration is required. At the time of manufacture, CanPrev?s Pro-Biotik 15B contains forty billion CFU?s. By the time it reaches its expiry date it is still guaranteed to have an activity level of 15 billion CFU?s ? now that?s impressive! Keep a bottle of ProbiotikTM 15B in your bag, knowing with confidence that you have a probiotic that works for you, wherever life takes you.

  • Shelf stable with a minimum 15 Billion CFU
  • Helps restore natural gut flora
  • 5 critical, balanced, therapeutic species
  • Corn Free, Gluten free, GMO Free
  • Made In Canada