CanPrev Collagen Muscle Tone - Powder 250g



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CanPrev?s Collagen Muscle Tone features clinically studied and highly specialized BodyBalance peptides. These peptides are ideal for the active individual wanting to achieve optimal muscle strength and tone. When combined with resistance training (2 ? 3 times per week) these peptides have been proven to enhance one?s lean body mass. Studies indicate these peptides are also highly beneficial for reducing muscle atrophy and deliver results for the less active individual wanting to maintain mobility. These peptides act as a highly valuable protein source with excellent functionality. They ensure the many layers of our skeletal muscles receive sufficient amino acids ? the specific energy supply for optimal cell growth. Research demonstrates the positive affect these peptides have on the mTOR pathway. Although mechanisms are not fully understood, results are improved metabolic processes involving fat metabolism and rapid muscle cell increase. More publications with further review on the action of these peptides is pending. We are excited to learn more about how these specific peptides may enhance one?s body composition. With Collagen Muscle Tone?s excellent amino acid bioavailability and functionality fat and muscle metabolism is optimized, for a leaner (more toned) you! Recommended for those looking to achieve better muscle strength and tone, boost the results of resistance training or for those looking to slow muscle atrophy.

  • Features highly specialized peptides that affect muscle cells
  • Increase lean body mass for optimal muscle strength and tone
  • Enhance fat metabolism
  • Counteract the loss of muscle mass
  • Corn Free, Dairy Free, Gluten free, GMO Free, Soy Free